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Ligne Roset 2021-2022

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 Authentic vs. Counterfeit Ligne Roset

For many months now, in our marketplace there are retailers offering fake Togo or Togo in the guise of vintage or re-upholstered Togo.

Purchasing counterfeit designer products such as Togo is like stealing, it does not respect the original design and creativeness of the designer, or the integrity and quality of the product.

Be aware that most of these counterfeits or replicas (as they like to be called) are manufactured using substandard materials, foams and workmanship. They come with no manufacturer’s warranty and will not stand the test of time or give you the comfort and pleasure like the real thing.

Togo is only made in France in our workshops with the greatest respect for our know-how since 1973.

Below is an example of a “re-upholstered” Togo on a marketplace vs a Togo from Ligne Roset. The base cloth and label are also counterfeits.

Story by, Ligne Roset Perth, 2022.

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