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Ligne Roset 2021-2022

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Connected from the start

Kvadrat Febrik
Knitted textiles designed to last

The enduring collaboration between Kvadrat/Febrik and Ligne Roset began with the launch of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Ploum settee.

This demonstrated how a knitted stretch textile and its voluminous 3D effect can contribute to the look and comfort of a product. Upholstered in Mood, the Ploum settee became an icon in itself and breathed new life into Febrik as a brand for knitted upholstery textiles.

Left: The colourful range of Kvadrat fabrics
Right: Ligne Roset Ploum by R & E Bouroullec
Ligne Roset and Kvadrat/Febrik collaborate to create textiles that add an extra dimension to products, making them stand out from the rest.

Sustainable production and products

Sustainability is an important theme in the development and production of textiles, and creating long-lasting partner relationships is also a way to utilize each other’s added value expertise, creating products that last forever.

Kvadrat/Febrik textiles contain mainly wool, a natural and sustainable resource. Wool has many excellent properties.

“The yarn, from the raw fleece of Australian sheep, achieves high durability scores for pilling and abrasion, and it is also intrinsically water-repellent and flame retardant with no additional chemical finishes needed”.

Products upholstered in these textiles are suitable for all kinds of environments and locations. Each textile follows a journey through production facilities located close to each other, all in Europe: from the yarn, spun and dyed in Germany, through the Dutch knitting mill and then on to be cut, sewn, and upholstered at the Ligne

Roset factories in Briord, France. In this way, we ensure a short production loop, avoiding chains that will negatively impact the level of sustainability.

Knitted textile

With their interlinked loops, knits result in a stretch textile which allows Ligne Roset to upholster organically-shaped products much more quickly and easily.

Part of the hi-tech Kvadrat factoryThis elasticity is the result of its knitted construction, which is a sustainable alternative to adding plastic-based elastic yarns. The thickness, one of the signature features of the Kvadrat/Febrik collection, comprises just one layer of material, keeping the material’s components to the essentials without compromise in terms of comfort.

Story by Ligne Roset, 2020.

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